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STOP and find out what it is that excites us about the USA. Plenty of information on the benefits of anything American and what makes it so great! From cities like New York, to buildings like the Empire State, bridges like the Brooklyn Bridge, prisons like Alcatraz, companies like Microsoft and Google, anything grand and super-sized it’s in the USA. So STOP and take a look.

STOP-USA: Chrysler Building

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Surprisingly, the Chrysler building (1,064 feet tall) was the world’s largest building but only for 11 months. The Empire State Building soon towered the Chrysler but this art deco style sky scraper still stands out in New York’s iconic skyline. It is magnificently located within Turtle Bay on Manhattans East side. The Chrysler building has been described by classic architects to be a prime example of the Art Deco style. Construction began in 1928 and with the high competition to mark its mark in NY’s city skyline, an average of four floors were constructed per week! Initially built for the car manufacturers the building has since passed through the hands of huge corporations. Regardless, this wonderful building is one of the many top attractions within the Big Apple.

STOP-USA: Brooklyn Bridge

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One of the oldest American Suspension Bridges, a traditional photo opportunity and historical landmark in New York. Built in 1883 and spanning roughly 486m the bridge allows vehicle and pedestrian traffic. There are 6 lanes for motor vehicles and a center walkway for pedestrians and bicycles. The bridge has previously carried elevated trains on the two inside tracks, but since 1950 the bridge was converted for the running of six lanes of motor traffic, now roughly estimated at a daily traffic of 145,000 across the toll free route. The Brooklyn Bridge cost a rumoured $15.5million to build and took the lives of roughly 27 people during the construction….

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STOP-USA: Let’s use Toll Free

Free phone in the USA allows people to call and speak as long as possible without paying, giving them the freedom to talk and explain what they need to a company or organisation is an . We use US toll free numbers and they work a treat. Remember that getting people a free call is an incentive to call you, give your customers/members a benefit of using your company.